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Exposed Aggregate Driveway

An exposed aggregate, also known as “pea gravel” is not that different from a standard concrete driveway in its inception. The layout of the driveway is still done the same as with a standard driveway, the forming of the driveway is still done the same and the preparation of the soil is still done the…

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Custom Home Building – Cutting Corners

When building a custom home, there are many things to consider, from financing to location and everything in between. There are some places where you might be tempted to cut costs during the planning and construction phase of your new home. Below, we outline 5 areas where you absolutely cannot cut corners. Site Prep –…

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Maintaining the Highest Standards

Before any building takes place at your site, it’s important to have a system of standards well developed that will govern the process of building your home. Any good home builder will be able to easily explain their methods for maintaining quality throughout this process. During construction, there are signs you can watch for that…

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